Smith Brothers LS & LT Rocker Arm (Trunnion Kit)

Smith Brothers Bronze Bushing Trunnion Upgrade Kit (LS & LT Engines)

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Smith Brothers LS & LT Trunnion Kit

OEM LS rocker arms are prone to failure, which can result in needle bearings being dispersed through the engine. Smith Brothers' rocker arm trunnion upgrade kit replaces the OEM needle bearings with solid bronze bushings that promote even wear and disperse valve spring load evenly. This trunnion upgrade kit also allows for 360 degree rotation and eliminates the travel stops (which create problems with higher lift camshafts) in the original OE rocker design.

Features Include:

  • Fits all OEM LS & LT Rocker Arms
  • Replacement Trunnion Kit for LS & LT Engines
  • Micro-polished hardened shafts with C932 bearing bronze bushings
  • No small parts to come loose and damage your engine
  • Less prone to failure and loads are spread over a wider area
  • Oil channels keep the rocker arm lubricated