LT1 LT4 Billet Thermostat Housing | (160 Deg)

LT1 LT4 Billet Thermostat Housing (160 Deg)

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Billet Thermostat Housing with 160 Degree Thermostat for the 2014-2023 GM LT Engines

Upgrade your OEM Plastic Thermostat Housing to prolong the life of your motor. OEM units are known to crack resulting in coolant loss. Also moves the bleed hose to follow the same angle as the radiator hose. This does two things, it cleans up the engine bay by moving the 5/16 hose out of the way of belt changes, and also reroutes the 5/16 hose away from the supercharger belt in the case of a belt failure, it will not hit the hose and break it off the thermostat housing.

Note: Uses LS3 Style Thermostat