LS Low Mount Alternator Bracket for Electric Water Pump w/ Tensioner - Corvette

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Alternator Bracket w/ Automatic Tensioner

  • Compatible with: Corvette (any year w/ LS engine), (or CTSV/G8/SS) crank pulley (ICT # BAL100)
  • Made in Wichita, Kansas from aerospace grade, USA produced, billet aluminum
  • Includes: bracket, tensioner, idler pulley, and mounting hardware
  • Mounts the alternator low on the driver side when using electric or remote water pump
  • Alternators: (ICT# ALT300 (105amp), ALT302(160amp)); double-mounting holes allow for "truck" alternators as well as Corvette/G8/ 2010-15 Camaro bolt pattern alternators (not compatible with CTS-V alternators)
  • If needing to extend your alternator harness connection, use ICT# WEALT30-36 (4-pin) or WEALT40-36 (2-pin)
  • Also available, wire adapters to go to or from 4 pin/2 pin alternators (ICT# WAALT30 and WAALT40)
Compatible with 505K6 (50.5 inch) belt when using the 105amp alternator