Katech Gen 3/4 Oil Pump
Katech Gen 3/4 Oil Pump

Katech Gen 3/4 Oil Pump

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KAT-A2390 - Gen 3/4 Oil Pump

Blueprinted Oil pump for all wet sump LSx engines


Katech has been working with the LS1 since the race program began in 1997. When we first started using these pumps we noticed that they were prone to failure due to inadequate machining from the factory. Katech uses only brand new LS6 pumps for this procedure which totally ensures that the product sold has never had any failures. This and the fact that each pump is blueprinted to the highest quality has allowed Katech’s blueprinted oil pumps to be considered the industry standard.

Brand new GM LS6 G-Rotor oil pump
Ported oil inlet - NOW CNC-PORTED!
Strict procedures which assure ultimate quality
Includes heavy duty oil pickup tube o-ring

Part Number KAT-A2390