Gen V LT Cylinder Head to LS Gen IV Car / Truck Rectangle Port Intake Adapter

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LT1 Cylinder Head to LS3 Rectangle Port Intake Adapter  


  • Adapts LT gen V LT cylinder heads to LS gen IV car or truck intake manifolds 
  • Compatible with (cylinder head) engine RPO codes: LT1 LT2 L82 L83 L84 L86 L87 L8B
  • Compatible with (intake manifold) engine RPO codes: LS3 L99 LSA L94 L76 L77 L96 L98 L9H LY6 LFA LZ1 LS9 L92
  • Adapter is .6" thick
  • Made in Wichita, Kansas from aerospace grade, USA produced billet aluminum
  • Package includes: 1 set of adapters plates, oring seals, and mounting hardware to attach adapter to the cylinder heads
  • Not compatible with direct fuel injection systems (use ICT direct injection plates 551325)

**re-use your OEM intake bolts for mounting the intake manifold to the adapter plates