GEN 5 VVT-Delete Billet Front Cover Kit| Wet Sump Oiling System

GEN 5 VVT-Delete Billet Front Cover Kit Wet Sump Oiling System

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For eliminating VVT from Gen 5 engines

-New for 2022. Revised design now includes modified cam sprocket, cam bolt, and LS style front seal.

-The Katech VVT Delete front cover deletes the VVT cam phaser which can become problematic when installing an aftermarket cam kit.

-Designed for use with single bolt camshafts.

- Validated with the ATI damper.

- Anodized and made of billet aluminum in the USA by Katech

- System for dry sump also available in early 2023

Fits 2014-2019 Gen V LT Engines & 2020 Gen V LT Trucks & SUVS