FIC 95lb Fuel Injectors (Under 900rwhp) 6.2L

FIC 95lb Fuel Injectors (Under 900rwhp) 6.2L

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95 lb at 43.5 psi. These flow 114/hr in an LS rail running 58 psi fuel pressure. These are brand new Bosch EVI4 cores that have been modified and tested.
These units are high-impedance; making them compatible with most ECUs, while delivering the most flow available in a High-Impedance injector. These injectors are able to function at high fuel pressures and don’t exhibit the high fuel pressure handling problems found with many other high flow high-impedance injectors. Many tuners push these injectors to 6 bar and higher.

Note: 900rwhp and under. Subtract 30% if using E85

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