CPR C7 ZO6 ice tank
CPR C7 ZO6 ice tank
CPR C7 ZO6 ice tank

CPR C7 ZO6 Ice Tank

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Our extremely popular C7Z expansion/ice tank has many key industry leading features that set us truly apart from the rest.

1) OEM quick connect fittings provide easy service and leak free design
2) gates power grip for sealing the hose to the fitting clean oem look!
3) built in mounting solution for a mighty mouse catch can. You must order the can with the Cordes mount selected. You can also purchase it from us and we will ensure it’s setup correct
4) easy access to cylinder 1 spark plug still
5) meth line still runs under it with ease

this tank holds 1.9 gallons of fluid and comes with all the fittings,line, drain kit needed for install