ALKY Corvette C7 MAF KIT

ALKY Corvette C7 MAF KIT

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Corvette MAF trigger kit for the C7.

Kit is specifically made for the C7 Corvette application. Typically used with a factory blown C7 like the Z06 or when a roots type blower(Whipple, Eforce, Magnusson) is used. This system uses the OEM washer tank as the methanol tank and triggers based on HZ readings from the Mass Air Flow sensor. Then increases drive to the pump as the frequency increases.

Typically bought as a single nozzle kit M15. Supports 700 RWHP. Upper pulley, exhaust, bolt ons, on 93 octane.

Lower pulley, ported blower, 91 octane, etc.. bought as a twin 10+10 kit. 750 RWHP target.

E85, upgraded supercharger, needs more fuel 10+15, 15+15, etc.. goes up from there. Call if you have any question.

Consult your tuner for his preference on trigger MAF vs MAP. Contact us if you have any question.