Driveshaft Shop 1600HP Direct Bolt-In Axles Electronic Differential| (2014-19 Corvette)

Driveshaft Shop 1600HP Direct Bolt-In Axles Electronic Differential (2014-19 Corvette)

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2014-2019 CHEVROLET Corvette C7 1600HP Direct Fit Axles (For Electronic Differential Vehicles Only) (Pair)

Product Description

We have used new material on the inner CV so the stock seal on the diff can be re-used (older models can fit with this also). This has the larger center bars with billet Chromoly cage and races along with some of the best grease on the planet. there is no need to worry if you are road racing, this will make it a pleasant experience for both road and track applications. We realized with the onset of suspension manufacturers using larger shock body’s that the CV needed to be at least as small as the stock one if not smaller. We decided to shorten the flange so any aftermarket one would fit with no problem.

Please Note: This listing is for Electronic Differential equip Vehicles Only

PART# RA5303X5-V2/RA5304X5-E-V2