BTR LT1 L83 "NA Engines" Stage I 223/228 .604/.604 114+6

BTR LT1 L83 "NA Engines" Stage I 223/228 .604/.604 114+6

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Brian Tooley Racing makes some of the most powerful camshafts on the market for LS and LT engines. We are proud to announce that we have paired up with BTR to bring our customers some of his most popular camshafts designs.

This Stg I cam is small enough to use in truck setups, but big enough to make great power gains in any Chevrolet Gen V engine application.

A torque converter change may be needed in some L83 applications.

Camshaft Specs:

  • 5.3L, 6.2L Engines 223/228 .604/.604 114+6
  • Naturally Aspirated Engines
  • LT1, L83 Engines
  • Hydraulic
  • Stock Fuel Pump Lobe
  • Single Bolt Design