Synergy Gen6 Camaro Trunk Tank System


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The Synergy trunk tank system is an all in one solution for your ZL1 or other needed setups. The tank features an EMP water pump which is fed by our sump technology. Water grate to prevent ice from entering the sump area. Beckson 6 inch lid with key. And a -10an drain for when you want to add a drain valve feature. The tank is easy to mount using two points on the chassis, and you will still have access to the lower trunk area as well.

Our system also includes a full 1 inch line kit designed to take all of the guess work out of the install. The system is completely hidden, and comes with all brackets and tube holders for mounting. The system however only takes your water lines to right above the front tire in the wheel well area. This is so the user can decide on their own line methods depending on which blower they are plumbing too. Optional engine bay routing kits will be available and the option to have us design you a custom configuration is too.