Synergy Gen2 CTS-V 4.5 inch Velocity Stack High Flow Cold Air Intake


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Synergy Gen2 CTS-V 4.5 Inch Velocity Stack High Flow Cold Air Intake System, is enough intake to take you to the 1000 wheel HP mark with no issues. For setups as low as stock and pulley only, all the way up to setups making big power, you wont find another intake more versatile than this intake. Custom couples made for either 90mm and 102mm Throttle Bodies so install is clean and worry free. Custom designed Velocity Stack transitions the 5 inch filter to the rest of the intake. The 5 inch filter is 10 inches long and mounts perfectly on the Stack with a locator, so you know it is installed perfectly. With a quick connect PCV line that connects into the factory line, install is simple and quick with no cutting of any factory lines. The filter also draws its fresh air from behind the head light and bumper area which helps with daily driving and low and high speed air.