Synergy Chevy SS Engine Bay Water Tank


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Synergy Chevy SS engine bay water tank. This tank is a universal tank for many blower setups that is available for this platform. Our tank allows you to add in another 1 gallon of coolant to the system, while having a tank to allow filling and bleeding of the system. The tank is simple and mounts to two factory bolt locations on the radiator fan. Comes with two -12an ports, fittings, and extra line to plum the system. The tank can be used with either the Magnuson, the Whipple, or the factory LSA swap systems. Each system is unique and will require different lengths of hoses.

If you are using an LSA blower swap system with the factory 8 rib LSA front drive, you will need to change the bolts in the tensioner and idler, to a lower profile bolt to clear the water tank.