Speed Engineering DOD & AFM Delete Kit

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Are you looking to replace your Displacement on Demand (DOD)/“Active Fuel Management” (AFM), or Variable Valve Timing (VVT)? But, are a little confused of what you do or don’t need. Let us help:

DOD and AFM: are basically the same concept, but reworded. AFM/DOD will turn individual lifters/cylinders on and off to increase gas mileage and decrease emissions. They do this by shutting down intake and exhaust valves to cylinders 1, 4, 6, & 7. By closing both valves this creates an expansion and compression of the exhaust gas within the cylinder. When doing this to multiple cylinders one cylinder can act as a spring for the next cylinder allowing the engine to run smoothly.

Note: DOD & AFM do not require a front timing chain cover and sensor to be replaced.

VVT: will utilize all cylinders. However, VVT mechanically alters the position of the cam within the engine throughout the RPM range. By doing this it allows a larger cam that might have horsepower & Torque gains in the upper RPM range run more efficiently at lower RPM’s. This works well for trucks that require more low end torque.

Note: VVT requires a new front cover, sensor, harness etc.

DOD/AFM Basic Kit Includes:

  • 12585673 - Crank Seal
  • 12633904 - Timing Chain Cover Gasket
  • 12499225 - LS7 Lifters (8 Qty)
  • 12599296 - Top Valley Cover w/Bolts & Gasket
  • 12595365 - Lifter Guides (4 Qty)
  • 17800568 - Head Bolt Kit (2 Qty)
  • 12586481 - Timing Chain Sprocket
  • 12556127 - Cam Bolts (3 Qty)
  • 12588670 - Timing Chain Guide
  • 12557840 - Crank Bolt
  • 12630223 - Water Pump Gaskets (2 Qty)
  • 12617944 - Exhaust Manifold Gaskets (2 Qty)