LS Truck - Alternator / Power Steering Pump Mount Bracket (uses LS1 Water Pump)

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LS Alternator and Power Steering Pump Bracket Kit  

  • Requires: **105 amp ONLY, alternator (19244779)
  • Requires:  Truck/SUV (or 2010-15 Camaro) crank pulley (12634105)
  • Requires: 1998-02 LS1 Camaro power steering pump & pulley (63105 & 12559885)
  • Requires: 1998-02 Camaro Water Pump (252-846) used with spacers
  • Requires: LS Truck (3-bolt) Belt Tensioner
  • Not compatible with Gen 4 "truck", LS2, or LS3 Corvette water pumps
  • Includes: Alternator Bracket Kit
                        Power Steering Pump Bracket Kit
                        Water Pump Spacer Kit (for LS1 1998-02 Camaro Water Pump)
                        Belt Tensioner Relocation Kit & Pulley
  • Uses 680K6 Belt (68.0")
  • If needing to extend your alternator harness connection, use ICT# WEALT30-36 (4-pin) or WEALT40-36 (2-pin)
  • Made in Wichita, Kansas from aerospace grade, USA produced, billet aluminum
**Will fit alternators from any LS engine except Corvette/CTSV or 2010 up Camaro, and high output (145/160amp) alternators.   1998-02 LS1 Camaro alternators must remove plastic ducting on rear.