CPR 09+ CTSV Sedan Trunk tank
CPR 09+ CTSV Sedan Trunk tank

CPR 09+ CTSV Sedan Trunk Tank


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We are proud to release our V2 sedan trunk tank system. We were not pleased with the current offerings and wanted a setup that fit under the factory cover, had a leak proof lid, internal pump, and looked as good as it performed. This tank is 7 gallons and will give you more than enough capacity to make multiple 1/4 mile passes iced or half mile passes.

Our tank comes with every fitting and line needed to get it from the trunk to the engine bay and back. Because your setup can vary we are not able to supply every possible combination but this will get the bulk of the work done. We use the highest of quality vibrant silicone line and phenix fittings to ensure years of trouble free performance.