BTR LT1 LT4 (NA & Supercharged Engines) Stage II 227/242 .637/.626 115+6

BTR LT1 LT4 (NA & Supercharged 6.2L Engines) Stage II 227/242 .637/.626 115+6

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Brian Tooley Racing makes some of the most powerful camshafts on the market for LS and LT engines. We are proud to announce that we have paired up with BTR to bring our customers some of his most popular camshafts designs.

Unique timing events enables this cam to work well in naturally aspirated and supercharged combinations both, something generally thought not possible.

On a supercharged 2016 Camaro using a P-1SC-1 this cam has gained 100 rwhp.

On a naturally aspirated LT1 this cam gained 71 rwhp.

With only 4.5 degrees of overlap this cam is docile enough for daily driving.

Camshaft Specs:

  • 6.2L Engines or larger 227/242 .637/.626 115+6
  • Naturally Aspirated & Supercharged Engines
  • LT1, LT4 Engines
  • Hydraulic
  • 38% Fuel Pump Lobe
  • Single Bolt Design