Baer 2301006 Eradispeed Rotors Camaro Firebird

Baer Eradispeed 2 Piece Rotors 1998-02 Camaro Firebird (Front Pair)

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Baer Eradispeed Plus (2 Piece Rotors) 98-02 F-body " Front Pair"

EradiSpeed-PLUS-TWO™ features the same elements as the Plus-One Systems in a lighter weight 2-Piece design utilizing NAS stainless hardware and installs WITHOUT BLEEDING!

  • 2-Piece (aluminum hat and iron disc) rotors provide LITE™* direct replacement for OE applications
  • INCREASED DIAMETER rotor upgrade systems employing OEM calipers
  • Increased rotor diameter = greater leverage and improved brake torque
  • Rotors are LARGER than the OE units they replace and are designed for use with larger than stock wheels.
  • Includes specialized caliper hardware to properly accommodate installation
  • Are always directional with curved vanes.
  • Feature crossdrilled, slotted and zinc coated surfaces!
  • LITE is Baer’s Trademark denotes “Low Inertia-Thermally Efficient” two-piece rotors used in various Baer offerings